​Chris' new recording effort "Sunlight" has dropped him into the # 1 spot on the charts​​​. Standring along with his incredible band bring his music to life.
His show brings the new music weaved in with all of his chart topping hits.!

Celebrating an extraordinary and prolific 20 years since the release of his debut album Velvet, Chris Standring grabs his Benedetto Bambino archtop electric guitar and spins his trademark retro-meets-modern vibes in fresh and unexpected directions to create the perfect antidote for these daunting, uncertain times - a powerful, melodic and rhythmically infectious burst of Sunlight. 

A bright, ambitious soul jazz experience from the static electricity sounds that start "Static In The Attic" through the wah-wah vocals in the song’s closing reprise, the multi-talented British born, Los Angeles based composer/producer’s latest album draws on his trademark, slightly off the beaten path urban jazz artistry and distinctive passion for working with warm, organic and soulful instruments. As it flows and grooves along, the collection artfully reveals an artist perfectly comfortable in his own skin. No longer on a quest to discover his musical identity, Standring has fully arrived at a place where he can declare, "This is what I want to say, and this is who I am!" 


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