“…the warmth of her sound, her briskly rhythmic style and evocative interpretations bode well for her future.…”

​Los Angeles Times review by Don Heckman of her Vibrato performance says:

Greek, Italian and Portuguese descent:  all in one elegant and sophisticated heavenly sounding body is: WINDY KARIGIANES. You can hear her cultural diversity in every note; mixing contemporary harmonies with vintage rhythms. Windy is an aficionado of Jazz and World music. She should be. She began her professional singing career at age 16 singing Standards.

Her original compositions are pulsating from her cultural heritage and eclectic sensibilities. They led her to co-writing with piano virtuoso Vernell  Brown, Jr. on the widely-acclaimed “Butterfly” featuring Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters Mike Clark and Paul Jackson—a hit single. Her upcoming release contains “Home” and “Sad Songs” co-written by Randy Hall and Brandon Fields along with additional outstanding tracks: “Reality” and “Prime” auditioned to outstanding applause at The Baked Potato with Brandon Fields accompaniment.